CAF distinguishing feature is the manufacturing process, which remains the same as in the past, although they offer nowadays their products to domestic and foreign customers. Indeed, the distinguishing feature of handcraft production is the way it’s passed on unchanged from old to new generations. In CAF workshop everything is like 50 years ago. Products are strictly hand-worked, the leather is fleshed with the use of a special knife (“coltella”), there aren’t any seams, items are shaped by bending and beating the wet leather by hand on the last, then cold glued with vegetal materials. The natural glue blends with the leather and will never unglue. This manufacturing process gives to the item its own structural stiffness, which is also its distinguishing feature. Dyeing is very important, too: colors are all natural pigments, every item has a different color gradation and is therefore unique. This is the manufacturing of the Florentine “Cuoietto”, which is not the same as standard leather manufacturing, and Vasco and Fabio Capanni are almost the only repositories of this old and high quality tradition, which refers to the idea of uniqueness, to the value of manual work, to experience, ability and creativity of the craftsman while manufacturing an unique product.

So, CAF, following an old tradition, goes on manufacturing products which bring out old knowledge with forms, models and plans created by a modern creativity.